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WNP Awards

WNP Awards presented for the first time.

Michał Kurtyka, the Mój Prąd programme, PKP Energetyka, Moya – a chain of petrol stations owned by Anwim, Polish software houses, Maspex, FBSerwis, Erbud and LPP received WNP Awards 2020. The awards were presented at a final gala concluding the EEC Trends conference held on 25th February. 

“The awards were granted to people, institutions and companies, who exert a profound influence on a variety of sectors and industries, boosting their transition and leading a way for their development”, says Wojciech Kuśpik, initiatior of EEC Trends, founder and publisher of the Nowy Przemysł magazine and the WNP.PL portal, CEO of the PTWP Group. “By granting the winners with WNP Awards we also draw attention to particular aspects of their activity, which are in line with positive trends shaping our future. The future we are trying to predict. It is our commitment to distinguish people, who – in our opinion – can most effectively face future challenges”, Kuśpik adds.

The winners of WNP Awards 2020:

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Michał Kurtyka

for his responsible approach to challenges related to environment protection and transition of the power industry that lie ahead of Poland.

The Mój Prąd programme

for the efficient support of the photovoltaic revolution demonstrating that the Polish power sector is capable of transforming itself. The “Mój Prąd” programme is a unique instrument supporting the development of the prosumer energy market, i.e. the entities willing to own their own photovoltaic micro installation. Thanks to it Poland has recorded an increase in the number of photovoltaic installations that is outstanding comparing even to the European average.

PKP Energetyka

for its ambitious and successful business transformation. PKP Energetyka is a private company operating in a strategic, vulnerable and demanding sector of infrastructure. It has implemented modern ITC systems crucial for the security and stability of railway. It is an important actor in the transition of the Polish power engineering sector. Thanks to the involvement of an investor – the CVC Capital Partners fund – it has been undergoing an ambitious business transformation.

Moya – a chain of Anwim

for dynamic the development of an independent chain of petrol stations based on a rule of partnership, efficient logistics and professional management. Moya has been developing at an outstanding pace: there are already 200 Moya petrol stations operating in the country. Such dynamic development was, among others, effected by Anwin’s model of cooperation based on the rule of partnership, constant development of logistics and professional management.

Polish software houses

for carving out a niche in Poland based on latest technologies and knowledge. The Euvic Group and the Software Development Association for employers from the IT sector evolved from start-ups. They were founded on technology, knowledge and creativity of young staff. Their worth was proved by their leading position on the market.


one of the largest food producers in East-Central Europe, consistently enhancing the prestige of its brand and implementing the strategy of global expansion. Over three decades it has made 13 acquisitions, 11 of them abroad. Its products are manufactured in 15 modern facilities in Poland and the world, from where they are supplied to over 60 countries in Europe, the USA and Middle East.


for its pioneering contribution to the development of the construction and infrastructure maintenance services and for leading the way for the entire construction sector. Thanks to the support of its owner – Budimex – and the experience of Ferrocial, its strategic investor, it has become a pioneer of the new sector of the Polish industry of infrastructural services.


for establishing a strong position on the market based on the diversification of operations within the group. Erbud is one of the largest construction groups in Poland. It builds houses, roads, power and industrial facilities, develops wind farms and installs solar panels. It employs innovative ideas and is bold in its cooperation with visionary investors.


for creating a Polish brand with a global reach and its efforts to protect the natural environment. LPP, a Polish family business, is the largest clothing manufacturer in East-Central Europe. It operates in 20 countries in Europe, Asia, and Middle East. Last year its revenue from sales abroad was larger than from domestic sales with its on-line sales steadily increasing. 

WNP Awards 2020 were presented for the first time by the editorial team of the Nowy Przemysł economic magazine and the WNP.PL portal on 25thFebruary on a gala accompanying the EEC Trends conference in Warsaw. The event precedes the largest economic event in Central Europe – the 12th European Economic Congress in Katowice (18-20 May, 2020) and the 5th edition of European Tech and Start-up Days.