EEC Trends

One day, eight debates, over 700 guests from Poland and abroad, discussions, conclusions and opinions – at EEC Trends entrepreneurs, experts and decision-makers were developing the final thematic scope of the 12th European Economic Congress in Katowice


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    thematically and formally different sessions
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    special guests from Poland and from abroad
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    speakers, representatives of business and politics, science and public administration
  • EEC Trends started with an inauguration session devoted to macroeconomic matters. The participants answered questions on how to prepare for worse times in the economy, how can the Polish economy reach a higher level, and how to effect smart transition of the national power industry.


  • Jadwiga Emilewicz

  • Jerzy Buzek

  • Joanna Erdman

  • Mirosław Kowalik

  • Piotr Woźny

  • Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera

  • Piotr Dardziński

  • Piotr Arak

  • Wojciech Kamieniecki

  • Martyna Sztaba

  • Natalia Hatalska

  • Sebastian Szymanek

WNP Awards

The event was accompanied by the WNP Awards gala. The awards were granted to those who exert a profound influence on a variety of sectors and industries, boosting their transition and leading a way for their development. Decorated with WNP Awards 2020 were: Minister of Climate Michał Kurtyka, the Mój Prąd programme, PKP Energetyka, Moya – a chain of petrol stations owned by Anwim, Polish software houses, FBSerwis, Erbud, LPP and Maspex.

WNP Awards

In The Agenda

Debates at EEC Trends are organized in such a way that each of them responds to one of the following megatrends: Green, Tech, Energy, Move, Invest and Work/Edu. At the same time these are going to be the main subjects of the European Economic Congress held in May in Katowice. The conclusions from selected debates were displayed in real time on a screen in the form of visual notes created by Magda Rysuje, an artist.

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