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Economy in 2023: let's talk trends

As every year, the campaign of the European Economic Congress starts in autumn. EEC Trends, a conference scheduled for 6 February 2023, is one of its important elements.

Involved in an open debate, participants of EEC Trends – entrepreneurs and managers, as well as representatives of administration and pundits – will indicate key trends, developments and processes that will shape the Polish, European and global economies in 2023 and the years that will follow. Recommendations put forward during EEC Trends will constitute a basis for the agenda of the 15th edition of the European Economic Congress.

The campaign includes publications of reports, conversations with persons influencing Poland’s economy, trade debates, discussions with pundits, and other media events. This diversified cycle will provide a robust and substantive basis for the largest business event in Central Europe. Traditionally, the next edition of the European Economic Congress, scheduled for 24-26 April 2023, will be held in the International Congress Centre in Katowice.

A challenging year lies ahead of us. Equally difficult, in the face of volatility of the economy, will be a discussion of economic and geopolitical scenarios for the incoming months and years.

EEC Trends takes up the challenge: the meeting in February will cover major developments in the economy – the omnipresent consequences of a complex geopolitical situation compounded by an energy crisis, the transitions of the energy sector, and processes of adapting the economy to environmental challenges, as well as phenomena related to the economic slowdown or conditions of the accelerating digitalisation. 

Participants of the event will concentrate on global trade, expansion and investments in transport and logistics, areas that in recent years have been prone to volatility. 

The discussion, naturally, will also cover the subject of Ukraine. Hopefully, reconstruction of the war-torn country and Kyiv’s European ambitions will take precedence over the so-far prioritized issue of military, political and humanitarian support. 

The complicated political situation does not exclude the possibility of successful initiatives and those who can navigate rough waters deserve to be appreciated. During a WNP Awards gala – with awards presented by editorial staff of the WNP.PL economic website – decorated will be persons and entities that have changed the Polish economy for the better. 

We invite you to cooperate with us, share your thoughts and exchange inspiring experiences during discussions and meetings at EEC Trends!