EEC - the largest business event in Central Europe!

EEC Trends – the initial thematic scope

Economy in 2023: trends, opportunities, risk factors

A list of most urgent questions. Inflation and the Polish zloty, public finance and development funds, taxes and levies – where are we headed? Geopolitics: global factors influencing the Polish economy. Crisis scenarios: what about energy prices, the market, and the transition? Business and economics in an election year – what do we expect of politicians? Sustainable, economical, modern, competitive – new rules of production? How could the pressure of external factors be utilized in accelerating changes in the Polish economy? 

New energy, new energy generation

The transition of the Polish energy sector in the face of a crisis and war-inflicted changes. Does Poland’s energy strategy fit current challenges? Investments in renewables: gaining pace, slowing-down or turning the corner? Is there a compromise between energy safety, market rules and the interest of energy receivers? Developing and modernizing electricity grids – how and when? The stability of the energy system in the process of abandoning coal. Nuclear power in Poland – a step closer to the goal. Poland’s assumed energy mix – the potential, regulations, deadlines. 

Green investments

A wave of new investments in sustainable production – what does it mean for business? The growing significance of ESG criteria from the perspective of the client, cooperator and investor. Key areas of green projects – renewable energy sources, hydrogen, energy efficiency, waste management, circular economy, low and zero-emission technologies in traditional industries. Technologies at the service of the environment and their implementation. Sources of funding and support schemes.

Global trade

Global trade today and tomorrow – flows and directions. International expansion at a time of extreme volatility. The art of risk management. The world’s largest economies: from rivalry to conflict. Smart, resilient, flexible – importers and exporters in a changing geopolitical situation. Polish business in the world – harder? better? different?

Infrastructure and geopolitics

New trade routes, changing supply chains vs. planning and ongoing infrastructural investments. Changing logistics, new models of production. Is nearshoring a long-lasting trend? Modern infrastructure supported by the green transition of economy. Sea ports – how to utilize the revolution in logistics. Airports – the difficult art of adaptation. Investments in rail – it is about time the investments paid dividends. Cyber threats, sabotage, terrorism – how to protect critical infrastructure?

Ukraine – the war and the future

Support for Ukraine; needs and possibilities – how to provide effective support? A humanitarian crisis as yet another challenge. Resources and the damage, the potential and reconstruction. How to prepare for it? What will be prioritized? Refugees from Ukraine in Poland and in the Polish labour market. Ukraine’s European ambitions – what stage are we at? Subsequent stages, possible scenarios, roles to play.

Digitalization in practice

Trends and technologies in companies’ strategies. The business reality of implementing modern technological solutions. Boosters and blockers. The areas of the digital world in which investments are accelerating. The Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, technologies of Industry 4.0 – adapting projects to the reality and changing needs.


The condition and stability of the banking sector – here and now; its actual and practical capability of financing the economy. Inflation, regulation, the slowing down of the economy and other external factors. The evaluation of projects by the financial sector; new criteria? The situation of borrowers – forecasts and expectations. The capital market – trends on stock exchanges. EU funds, or money for development in hard times.

Tech for the investor

VC, PE, business angels in search of interesting projects. What areas of business based on technologies are currently in highest demand of financial investors? E-commerce, edutech, fintech, medtech, the green transition of the energy sector and traditional industries – new opportunities for innovative companies and investors. Start-ups with a global potential: what is their common denominator, how to spot them? Calling the bet: financing start-ups during an economic slowdown, in a recession, and in a volatile environment.