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WNP Awards

On 8 February, during the EEC Trends Gala, the winners of the annual WNP Awards run by the editorial team of the WNP.PL economic portal will be announced.

The WNP Awards are intended for those who change the Polish economy for the better through their actions.


Each year, the winners are individuals, institutions and companies that have recently made a significant and groundbreaking impact on the Polish economy. The WNP Awards are presented to those who – through their courageous actions and successfully implemented undertakings – indicate trends and directions of development and also actively respond to new challenges.

The winners of the 2023 awards were institutions and enterprises which – despite the turmoil of 2022 – have managed to stay on the market, while pointing out to others the directions of development and important trends in the economy.

During the WNP Awards 2023 gala, the awards went to the following companies and financial institutions: Accenture, AIUT, Baltic Pipe, Budimex, Famur (currently Grenevia), the wind energy industry, Respect Energy, ZPUE, and Polpharma.